Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update on NAWD

On Friday, we were asked to speak at the JCTC faculty meeting about the Teach-In and President Newberry was kind enough to reinforce our statements throughout his report.  Not only are we gaining some attention locally, but also nationally. 
We were interviewed for an article for In These Times magazine and are looking forward to seeing the article. 
Also, we received a shout-out in The Atlantic about the Teach-In that you can check out here. 

We are holding an organizational meeting on Tuesday and also the day before the Teach-In.  We are hoping to have a solid PowerPoint presentation to present to the group this week, and looking forward to hearing what else we can do during the day.  We have a few short videos, such as Ohio State's NAWD video and Con Job, which is long, but very informative.  We will be including some small portion of these videos.  Also, we would love to get a great discussion going during the Teach-In.

On February 25th, we booked the Hartford Hall Auditorium from 12-1pm in order to allow faculty, students, and staff to stop in and listen to information about the contingent workers at JCTC.  I hope this day brings some awareness to the issue, and it seems as though it has already.  In looking at some of the articles being posted about the day, I think we are well on our way to having more open and respectful discussions. 

Keep in mind, the Teach-In is only the beginning!  Nothing will be solved in this one day, but it will open the doors for future discussions.  And that's really what we are looking to do with the start of the KYCFA (  This will be the beginning of negotiations and us working together to gain more rights as workers! 

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