Saturday, February 7, 2015

This week in Louisville...

We have made some headway for National Adjunct Walk-Out Day and couldn't be more excited to share the news!
In the past week, we have successfully started a website:  We will be posting and updating the site regularly over the next few weeks.
We have been contacted by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and look forward to speaking with them in the very near future.
A few of us had the opportunity to meet with the President and Provost of Jefferson Community and Technical College, and we are starting what hopefully will be a productive negotiation process to support our Part-Time faculty and contingent workforce at the college.  They are willing to hear our issues and give their support for the Teach-In we will have on February 25th. We will be presenting our ideas about the Teach-In during the faculty meeting next Friday.
Also, during that meeting, House Bill 143 was brought up, which is a bill you can find here.  This bill proposes that "adjunct faculty" would be able to take up to six credit hours of public post secondary education each semester with tuition waived.  This would open up numerous opportunities for part-time faculty. 
We have also been contacted by a journalist from In These Times magazine who would like to run a story on the Teach-In. 

In other news, SEIU asked for a "new minimum compensation standard" for adjunct faculty.  While $15,000 per course is a stretch, it's definitely getting some attention.  Read the story here.

Here's another recent article about the U.S. News college ranking system and the need to put how many full-time/part-time faculty members are employed at each college.  Find that story here.

AAUP put out this report which includes some excellent graphs and charts about the economic issues facing higher education. 

The Just-In-Time Professor is a report that summarizes the working conditions facing contingent labor in higher education. Another good resource to look at when time permits, especially in preparation for National Adjunct Walk-Out/Teach-In Day!

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