Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Database of Government worker salaries at Jefferson County Public Schools, U of L, University of Kentucky, etc.

Demographic/financial information about JCTC.  FT/PT faculty numbers. Database for part-time pay -statistics/financial information for universities. 

-Organization that works for the rights of contingent faculty within higher education.
-Starting organization seeking to help part-time educators.  

Articles: -Article about how much money higher administrators make in universities across the country.
-Review of How the University Works (Marc Bousquet)

-Article discussing KCTCS administration.
-Article about unionizing college adjuncts.

-Article discussing makeup of part-time faculty and administrative pay.

Informative article about adjunct work and unions.

Full-time faculty calls for support.

Article that discusses why everyone should care about the adjunct crisis and how it affects students and universities. 

Numerous links to blogs and other social media outlets to keep up-to-date.

Recent article about unionization of California adjuncts.

Article discussing politics in higher education.

Article discussing bill proposing elimination of the two-tier system in Colorado.

Article discussing unionization of part-time/full-time faculty.

Article discussion unionization and what happens after.

Part-time instructor at JCTC discusses research assignment to his class pertaining to part-time educator.

Article discussing bureaucratic allocation of money in higher education.

Article about unionization and gives some good statistics.

Article talking about higher education/university system.
A short documentary titled Con Job which explores some stories of contingent workers, gives some statistics, and provides ideas about what should/can be done about the issues contingent workers face.

A short video discussing position of part-time educators.

More Links:

Adjunct blog (petition, articles, etc.)

Open letter to the governor of Colorado (possible template for letters to President Cox/administrators at JCTC).

-Links to social media sites dedicated to National Adjunct Walk-Out Day.

-Petition for raise of pay for part-time educators.

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