Friday, January 30, 2015

First JCTC Organizational Meeting Update

Press Release

A group of 10 concerned part-time instructors at Jefferson Technical and Community College met yesterday to talk ideas and strategy for the Feb. 25 Teach-In scheduled. National Adjunct Walk-Out Day is a national movement designed to draw attention to the working conditions of part-time college instructors -- who end up teaching the majority of general education classes at most community colleges and universities.

Those of us who are organizing around this event in Louisville also recognize that the system exploiting us is the same system that is exploiting students -- which is why we are organizing a Teach-In rather than a Walk Out.

Successful student outcomes have been shown to correspond to instructor status (part or full time) and instructor pay.

To put it simply: when a part-time (or adjunct) instructor has to teach at multiple institutions and hold down another job in order to survive, the amount of time and energy available for students diminish. Students suffer under the same system of exploitation that drives educated, passionate, and dedicated people either out of the profession or onto the bread line.

If you are a part-time teacher in Louisville or in Jefferson County, Kentucky, you are not alone.  If you are interested in participating or planning something where you teach, or for more information contact either:

Mick Parsons ( / 502-509-2024),or
Kate Lafferty ( 856-287-7426.

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